Stewardship Program

Here at Oregon Tool, we have decided to serve a higher purpose than the products we are making. We are devoted to impact positively people, communities, and landscapes around the world.

The vision of our stewardship program is to engage and encourage our larger Oregon Tool community to be open to the world by caring about our environment and our planet.


2021 – Run, Walk & Bike Outdoor Challenge:

Starting on March 1st until July 15th, we have challenged our employees to cover in over four months 20.000 kilometers.

Oregon Tool made the engagement to plant 10.000 trees supporting multiple reforestation projects in partnership with the organization “Tree Nation”. We are happy to announce that for this first edition we have covered 20.189 kms and planted 10.095 trees.

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For more information on our Oregon Tool Forest, please follow this link:
Forest of Oregon Tool | Tree-Nation - Forest’s trees

Our Partner:

Tree Nation is internationally recognized, they have planted more than 7 million trees working on more than 30 reforestations projects accross 6 continents.

We have chosen to work in partnership with Tree nation because trees are key pillars of the world for both humans and the environment. They benefit us by purifying water, air and creating better social conditions.
They benefit the environment by providing homes for various forms of life, cooling our climate and improving our soil.

Portland - US

Oregon Tool has partnered with the National Forest Foundation, a North American-based nonprofit focused on community engagement and restoration of National Forests and Grasslands. They support the Trees for U.S program and the Amazonian Community Reforestation project in Brazil.

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Fuzhou - China

Oregon Tool (Fuzhou) Co., Ltd. actively gives back to the society through a variety of ways, carry out a series of public welfare activities, care for the vulnerable groups, undertake corporate responsibility.

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Here are few initiatives:

  • They have volunteering at Hidden treasures Home an orphanage in Fuzhou
  • In partnership with Alibaba’s Taobao, sellers can voluntarily participate in the charity baby plan and set a certain proportion of donation
  • They have successfully activated the donation function in Tmall store on February 25th 2021, which means they will donate 0.1CNY for every goods they sell out from the Tmall store to the designated charity projects for the related public welfare
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    Curitiba - Brazil

    In 2021, Oregon Tool Industrial Ltda. located in Curitiba has organized three campaigns to help the communities and restore the flora of their region:

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    Here are few initiatives:

  • Chain of Goodness - In June, they have collected clothes, toys, food & small appliances for the community
  • Donate Toys, Get Smiles - To celebrate "Children's Day" on October 12th, they have collected toys and donated them to "Movimento Recriança" a local organization
  • Planted, Posted, Preserved - From October through November, the employees have planted 350 trees with the help of the Environmental Institute “Instituto Água e Terra”
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